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Expert Accountants for Online Creators

Content creators and social media influencers need the support of expert accountants to ensure they are compliant with HMRC requirements.

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Social media influencers and content creators

The digital age has revolutionised the way we communicate, connect, and do business. Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube have given rise to a new breed of content creators and social media influencers who are making their mark in the online world. These creators, with their unique talent and ability to captivate audiences, have turned their passion into a digital business, creating content that resonates with millions of followers. However, with great success comes great responsibility, and that includes managing your tax and compliance affairs.

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Why do I need an accountant as a content creator?

There are numerous aspects of your business that you need to stay on top of as a content creator including your accounting and tax obligations. Hiring an accountant can help ensure that you are reporting all of your income correctly and set up to be as tax efficient as possible either as a limited company or a sole trader.

Utilising the expertise of an accountant can help you with your tax planning and ensure you are minimising your tax liabilities while maximising allowable expenses. Whether you receive income from sponsored posting, creator funds, affiliate links or anything in between we will be able to help you hold on to as much as possible while remaining compliant with HMRC.

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Sherwin Currid’s wide range of accountancy services

When it comes to accountancy services for content creators, Sherwin Currid is a leading firm that specialises in catering to the financial needs of online creators. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Company formation
  • VAT registration
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Annual accounts
  • Filing confirmation statements with Companies House
  • Filing your corporation tax return
  • Handling a monthly payroll
  • Access to online accounting software
  • Unlimited support from your dedicated accountant
  • IR35 contract reviews
  • And much more…

Sherwin Currid will help you through the intricacies of tax and accounting which frees up more of your time to focus on producing the best content possible.

Working with a qualified accountant to free up more of your time

Cloud accounting as an influencer

The future of accountancy is in cloud accounting software and at Sherwin Currid we have been working with providers of online software for years. In fact, we are FreeAgent platinum partners, after being one of the first firms to adopt their software in the UK.

Being with an accountant who uses cloud accounting software will not only help you by improving your experience and reducing time spent compiling records, but also will prepare you for Making Tax Digital (MTD) meaning you can rest assured you will remain compliant with HMRC’s latest planned changes.

FreeAgent is one of the leading providers for of cloud accounting software, offering access to their tool through a mobile app and your desktop. With the ease of access offered by FreeAgent your accountant will have access to real time data and can ensure your paperwork is up to date, meaning better advice and fantastic support. Our team of accountants are also experts in a range of other softwares such as Xero accounting, QuickBooks and Dext meaning you can keep using your preferred software.

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Helping your content creation thrive

As an online content creator you want to be able to produce great content without having to waste valuable time monitoring your financial affairs. Our accounting firm will free up more of your time to allow you to focus on your business growth.

Our professional advice is geared towards helping you advance your business while remaining compliant with all HMRC obligations. Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss how we can help you.

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