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Contracting through your own personal service company

At Sherwin Currid we can provide the full range of accounting services and support to enable you to contract efficiently through your own contracting company.

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Oil and gas contracting

In an energy-hungry world, oil and gas contractors play a critical role in meeting the ever-growing demand for reliable and sustainable energy sources. These skilled professionals are the driving force behind the exploration, production, and refinement of oil and gas resources that power industries, communities, and economies around the globe.

Contracting through a limited company offers numerous advantages for oil and gas contractors, empowering them to thrive in their industry. By operating as a separate legal entity, contractors can benefit from tax efficiency, increased earnings, and limited liability. It allows them to optimise their tax planning strategies, retain a higher portion of their income, and protect their personal assets. Additionally, contracting through a limited company enhances their professional image, provides flexibility in project selection, and enables access to a broader range of business expenses. With these benefits, oil and gas contractors can maximise their financial potential and establish a solid foundation for long-term success.

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Accounting support

Navigating the complexities of tax compliance and financial reporting can be overwhelming for oil and gas consultants. Sherwin Currid can help play a crucial role in ensuring your compliance with tax laws and regulations, avoiding penalties, and maximising deductions. We keep abreast of changing tax laws, helping consultants optimise their tax planning strategies and minimise their tax liabilities. Additionally, Sherwin Currid will prepare and submit all of the necessary accounts and tax returns as well as providing clients with cloud accounting software that provides up to date financial information on the company’s health.

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A wide range of accounting support

At Sherwin Currid we pride ourselves on the breadth of service we provide and the knowledge and understanding of the services that oil and gas consultants need.

Do you need help with a business bank account? Mortgage reference? Or maybe you need a business valuation backed by a chartered accountant? We would be delighted to help.

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Our electric car business, EV Experts, has outgrown the motor trader accounting package used since launch and Sherwin Currid have helped us move to Xero whilst also producing our statutory accounts from our legacy systems.

Martin Miller

Electric Vehicle Experts Limited

Star Star Star Star Star

Marie at SCA and her team have been extremely helpful & responsive during our first 18 months of trading as a small business Ltd company, guiding us through CIS, PAYE, VAT & all manner of other accountancy issues. Thanks very much and I would recommend.

Terry Ryder-Lee

TLC Courts Ltd

Star Star Star Star Star

I started my limited company two years ago and I knew that I needed someone I could trust to support me on all accounting matters so that I could focus on all the rest. Sherwin Currid Accountancy team is always professional, punctual and polite – No need to look elsewhere!

Pasquale Cataldi

Innovation Lambda Limited

Star Star Star Star Star

Sherwin Currid look after the accounts for my husband’s construction company. The team are friendly and helpful- especially with explaining things in a simple manner which is definitely needed with the world of accounting being so complicated!

Claudia Thorogood

Thorogood And Vardy Refurbishments Limited