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As a business owner, you know that accounting can be a complex and time-consuming task. Taking advantage of cloud accounting software, such as Dext, alongside the help of professional accountants will greatly reduce the time you spend on accounting tasks leaving you more time to focus on your business.

What is Dext?

Dext is a powerful accounting software that simplifies financial management for businesses by automating data entry. With features like document capture, bank statement automation, and seamless invoice processing, Dext streamlines your accounting processes. Plus, it integrates with other software to give you a complete suite of accounting services right there on your phone and desktop.

Using Dext in the real world

Dext simplifies accounting processes for businesses of all sizes. You can easily upload digital receipts to Dext, eliminating manual data entry with its ability to scan receipts and invoices to a standardised digital format. The software seamlessly integrates with various other accountancy software, such as FreeAgent and Xero, for efficient data transfer. Users can automate bank statement reconciliation and categorization using Dext’s bank rules. With a subscription model, you can access the latest accounting automation features.

How Sherwin Currid and Dext align for your benefit?

At Sherwin Currid all of our accountants are experts in cloud accounting software, capable of leveraging Dext’s automation capabilities to provide quality accounting services. With Dext, Sherwin Currid can help you optimise bookkeeping, saving you and your business time and effort.

With almost all of our clients using cloud accounting software we are able to advise you on the best resources to suit your specific needs. In fact, all of our new clients have an initial meeting with their own dedicated accountant who will take the time to understand their business in order to offer the best advice on software and ensure top quality service.

Simplify your accounting processes with Dext

There are a number of reasons why you should consider making use of Dext as part of your accountancy package. If your business incurs a lot of expenses and you spend your valuable time adding up all the receipts you can save valuable time while reducing errors. Furthermore, if you are planning ahead to the Making Tax Digital (MTD) implementation then getting to grips with cloud software is the easiest way to help you ensure you remain compliant as the new legislation is phased in.

Streamlining bookkeeping

Streamlining your bookkeeping process is made easier with Dext’s comprehensive features. Traditionally, bookkeeping ledgers used to be compiled manually by bookkeeping clerks, requiring clients to keep paper copies of invoices and other accounting records which would then be passed manually to the appointed bookkeeper to update the accounting ledgers on a periodic basis. This whole process was time intensive which was therefore costly, with a considerable scope for error. Nowadays cloud based accounting software, like Dext, can perform this task on a much more efficient basis which has the impact of: 

  • Bringing the costs of bookkeeping down 
  • Providing a much simpler bookkeeping service 
  • Reducing the risk of error in accounting information by using of automation 
  • Giving access to real time business performance information 
  • Enabling better business decisions to be made 
  • Giving easy access to expenses through Dext’s receipt bank

Preparing for MTD

Preparing for MTD is made easy with Dext. This cloud accounting solution ensures compliance with Making Tax Digital by providing digital record keeping and integration with accounting software. Furthermore, the software offers the ability for you and your accountant to remotely collaborate meaning we can offer you real time insights and can ensure your submissions are up to date with quality data.

Cloud accounting for MTD

Dext’s cloud accounting capabilities empower businesses to access financial data anytime, anywhere. With Dext, you can securely store financial data in the cloud, meeting MTD requirements. The software seamlessly integrates with accountancy software, simplifying digital VAT submissions and annual account compiling.

Dext integrations

Dext seamlessly integrates with popular accountancy software like FreeAgent, QuickBooks and Xero, automating data entry and minimising errors. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of online software to reduce paperwork and improve their financial processes.

The mobile app allows for easy capture of receipts and expenses on-the-go meaning Sherwin Currid can provide real-time insights and an unparalleled level of support, not possible with traditional bookkeeping

What is the right software for me?

Choosing the right software can be confusing due to the wide range of options on the market. Your final choice will depend on your business needs, size, and industry.

Consulting with an accountant can help you gain insight into the pros and cons of each software meaning you make the right choice for your business. Sherwin Currid can help you with a free initial consultation, providing an overview of a wide range of software we are experts in. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Sherwin Currid Directors

Our founding directors, Martyn Currid and Max Sherwin, set up Sherwin Currid to help freelancers and small businesses with accountancy. Since then we have grown to look after a wide range of clients while keeping our personal, professional service.

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