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Bookkeeping services

Sherwin Currid provides bookkeeping services to many small businesses. These services involve the keeping of records of financial transactions from which the financial statements of the business are prepared. This includes compiling information from invoices and receipts as well as payroll and timesheet information.

Traditionally, bookkeeping ledgers used to be compiled manually by bookkeeping clerks using double entry bookkeeping. Clients used to keep paper copies of invoices, bank statements and other accounting records which would then be passed manually to the appointed bookkeeper who would then update the accounting ledgers on a periodic basis. This whole process was time intensive which was therefore costly, open to human error, and required careful filing of documents. Because of the time involved there was inevitably a delay in bringing a company’s financial records up to date which in turn meant that business decisions were potentially being made on out of date information.

At Sherwin Currid we use cloud based bookkeeping software to simplify this process. With cloud software you, as a business owner, can upload all your financial information via your phone on the go which means your accountant will be able to see the data real time. Our team of cloud accounting experts can then give you advice and guidance to allow you to run a successful business with a fraction of the hassle that comes with traditional accountancy methods.

Cloud based software is used to:

  • Bringing the costs of bookkeeping down
  • Provide a much simpler bookkeeping service
  • Reduce the risk of error in accounting information by using of automation
  • Give access to real time business performance information
  • Enable better business decisions to be made

Which cloud accounting software suits your business?

There are many types of cloud based accounting software available today and it is important to select the right solution for your small business bookkeeping. Sherwin Currid works with all of the main providers and can provide advice on which to choose.

The decision on which is the best software to use depends on many factors, including the size of your business, how your transactions are undertaken (are they still manual or are they automated), how you want your records structured for reporting purposes e.t.c. Sometimes a combination of products may provide the best solution, as some products such as Dext are designed to be connected to the main software.

The cost of the solution is also a consideration, however we can often bundle the product with the provision of accounting services and given the efficiencies to all parties of working with these products, the overall cost of accounting services can be reduced.

The main providers who we work with include:


An offering from Intuit aimed at small and medium sized companies. Similar to Xero it provides simple, smart accounting software that helps you take control of your finances.


A relatively late entrant to the market for cloud accounting, despite being an established desktop software provider, but growing rapidly.


A very user-friendly option aimed at contractors. We have had a close relationship with FreeAgent since they started and were one of their earliest accounting partners. We are now a Platinum Partner and have many happy clients using this product.


Software that collects data from your financial records and posts it to your accounting records. This can be very useful and helps you keep up to date with things as you go along as well as saving time on admin and ensuring data accuracy every time


Reads key information from bills and receipts and turns it into usable data. Very helpful if you are out and about and collect paper bills and receipts. You can handle these as you go along. You can take photos on your mobile, use e mail, scan or upload documents and then Hubdoc will do the data entry by reading the key information from bills and receipts and then turns it into useable data.

Sherwin Currid is an accountant that understands your small business bookkeeping needs

Our years of experience mean we know and understand well the benefits that come from small business bookkeeping. We know how time limited people are running small businesses and that is why we favour cloud accounting software to support our clients. We have also got an established network of offices across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, London, Bucks and Berkshire where we would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your bookkeeping needs.

Existing clients can meet us in person at our offices as required but also enjoy the benefit that cloud accounting brings whereby they can talk to their dedicated accountant as Sherwin Currid over the phone or a virtual call where both parties can look at the same information in real time and resolve any questions that way. The time and cost savings can be huge. 

Sherwin Currid Directors

Our founding directors, Martyn Currid and Max Sherwin, set up Sherwin Currid to help freelancers and small businesses with accountancy. Since then we have grown to look after a wide range of clients while keeping our personal, professional service.

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