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What should businesses consider during the summer holidays?

With the arrival of summer, small businesses face a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

As the warm weather beckons people outdoors and families go on trips and holidays together, small business owners must be prepared to adapt and make the most of the summer season.


Staffing and scheduling

One of the primary challenges for small businesses during the summer holidays is managing staffing levels.

Many employees take time off during this time, which can lead to understaffing and increased workloads for those remaining.

Plan ahead by encouraging employees to submit vacation requests well in advance, allowing you to organise work schedules more efficiently.

Consider hiring temporary staff or utilising part-time employees to fill any gaps, ensuring your business operates smoothly during peak times.

Communicate with customers

Communication is key to maintaining a strong customer base during the summer season.

Keep your clients informed about any changes in operating hours or potential delays in product or service delivery.

Update your website and social media platforms with accurate information regarding opening hours and any holiday closures.

Capitalise on seasonal opportunities

The summer holidays present numerous opportunities for small businesses to generate additional revenue.

Consider tailoring your products or services to align with the summer theme. For instance, if you own a café or restaurant, introduce refreshing seasonal menus featuring cooling beverages and light, summery dishes.

Collaborate with local attractions, hotels, or tourism boards to offer special deals or packages to attract both locals and tourists.

Emphasise outdoor activities, such as al fresco dining, garden parties, or outdoor workshops, to take advantage of the pleasant weather.

Summer sales and promotions

Summer is a great time to offer exclusive discounts, sales, or promotions to incentivise customers to choose your business over competitors.

Consider creating limited-time offers, bundle deals, or loyalty programs specifically for the summer period.

Host in-store events or collaborate with other local businesses to create joint promotions, which can attract new customers and enhance cross-promotion opportunities.

By offering enticing deals, you can increase foot traffic and boost sales during the holiday season.

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