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Unlock the Power of Cloud Accounting Software

Are you tired of traditional accounting methods that are time-consuming and prone to errors? Cloud accounting software might be the solution you need.


Understanding Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting software is the future of accountancy as it lets you access your accounting information anytime, anywhere with internet connection. You can streamline your bookkeeping tasks, simplify accounting processes with automation features, stay up-to-date with real-time financial reporting and raise invoices all through your smartphone.

How Does Cloud Accounting Software Work?

By allowing you access to your financial operations through a web browser or mobile app software such as FreeAgent, Xero or Quickbooks you can manage your cashflow and keep your accountant up to date, in real time, with your business. With the mobile apps you can upload receipts for expenses and track cash flow in real time on the move. Your accountant will also have access to these records which reduces the time and effort you need to put into collating your records and handing them over.

Why Cloud Accounting for Small Businesses and Contractors?

Cloud accounting software is a game-changer for small businesses and contractors. It offers flexibility, accessibility, and real-time financial insights.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. With the ability to easily integrate your business bank account and credit cards for seamless reconciliation you can ensure everything is tracked regardless of where you are.

Real-time Financial Overview

With cloud accounting software, you can monitor your cash flow and track expenses in real-time. Automated analytics keep you updated on your business performance to help small businesses make informed decisions with accurate data. Accountants also appreciate this as it offers them a simple way to assess your business and offer you proactive ways to make your business more efficient and reduce your tax liability.

The Transition to Making Tax Digital with Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting software will play a vital role in the transition to Making Tax Digital. If you are not aware, HMRC has began rolling out a new online tax system that will require quarterly reporting online. By switching to an online software now you can get to grips with compliant software and ensure you are up to date with HMRC’s requirements in advance of it becoming mandatory.

The Role of Cloud Accounting in Making Tax Digital

Cloud accounting software ensures accurate and timely submission of digital tax records, automatically calculates VAT liabilities, and allows for online VAT return submissions. With the ability to maintain digital transaction records and generate tax reports, cloud accounting software simplifies the auditing process. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration with accountants and bookkeepers to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

How Can Cloud Accounting Experts Help you Optimize your Business?

Partnering with a cloud accounting expert will help you unlock the full power of online software. Your accountant can explain to you how, when and where to use your software as well as shortcuts and ensuing your bank account is integrated with your account.

At Sherwin Currid, all of our clients have an initial meeting with a cloud accounting expert who will talk you through setting up an account, running it day to day and can answer any questions you have both in your meeting and at any point afterwards.

What Will Cloud Accounting Software Do For Me?

Cloud software offers a suite of tools that can be applied to small businesses and contractors alike. Some of the features it has include:


The main draw of this software is the online bookkeeping functions. Traditionally, bookkeeping ledgers used to be compiled manually by bookkeeping clerks using double entry bookkeeping. Clients used to keep paper copies of invoices and other accounting records which would then be passed manually to the appointed bookkeeper who would then update the accounting ledgers on a periodic basis. This whole process was time intensive which was therefore costly, open to human error.

Nowadays cloud-based accounting software is increasingly used to perform this task much more efficiently which helps to:

  • Bringing the costs of bookkeeping down
  • Provide a much simpler bookkeeping service
  • Reduce the risk of error in accounting information by using of automation
  • Give access to real time business performance information
  • Enable better business decisions to be made


If you are registered for VAT then you can use your cloud accounting software to help you ensure that you reclaim VAT off any applicable transactions and that you stay on top of your quarterly returns. It also ensures you are MTD compliant.

Payroll Management

Providers such as FreeAgent, Xero and Quickbooks have payroll services integrated into their offerings which can help small business owners and contractors who work through limited companies ensure they never miss a payment and remember all of the deductions they need to take out of pay slips. By centralising all your accountancy needs you can save yourself time and hassle while ensuring that your employees remain happy with their pay.

For help with cloud accounting get in touch with Sherwin Currid today. Our team of experts can guide you through the complexities of setting up and help you moving forward.