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Budget announcement

The King’s Speech 2024

The 2024 King’s Speech outlined the Labour government’s plans under Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer, focusing on economic stability, clean energy, public health, and border security. Key measures include VAT on private school fees, nationalisation of railways and energy, and new housing and immigration policies, introducing 40 new bills.

VAT registration

The advantages of voluntary VAT registration

Discover the benefits of voluntary VAT registration, from reclaiming VAT on business expenses to enhancing your company’s credibility. Learn how to navigate different VAT schemes and streamline compliance with expert guidance from Sherwin Currid.

Navigating VAT

Do sole traders have to register for VAT?

Starting a business as a sole trader comes with many advantages, but it also means that you are personally responsible for your business’s finances. One of these responsibilities includes registering for VAT if your turnover exceeds the threshold set by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).