Business optimism falls: Here’s how to weather the storm by taking a proactive approach to your business
There are many reasons to be concerned in light of the current climate and recent research from the CBI shows business optimism has fallen. 
Despite this, there are many options for businesses to consider in response to these concerns. 
Over the next 12 months, SMEs in the UK are set to expand abroad, particularly into Europe. 
Many are motivated to achieve this goal by ensuring they have the correct tools to succeed through these challenging times and to remain hopeful about the future of their business. 
It is important not to let falling confidence become a self-fulfilling prophecy, taking a proactive approach to your business will place you in the best possible position to face difficult times. 

What can business optimism do for you? 

Improve business performance 
Grow your company 
Help you achieve business goals 
Guide you to build long-term goals 
Understand the financial plan for your business 
Create a business strategy 

Business optimism and strategy 

Ensuring your business has regular funding is important for success. Often, SMEs will need this to overcome cashflow issues. 
Acquiring funding helps to pursue growth plans and two out of three businesses need funding to grow. 
There are many ways to optimise funding in your business: 
Finance expansion – this is when SMEs reinvest profit as a business strategy 
Seek help from Partners 
Take out a bank loan 
New Trade Partnerships 
Establish Channel Partnerships 

Lenders and Investments 

Investment bankers offer SME loans to provide funding for your small business. 
SMEs can gain access to a range of finance types to fund business needs. There are a variety of lenders, such as established banks and online lenders who can offer small business loans. 
There is a growing range of opportunities and choices for borrowers including greater speed and transparency of these loans. 
This is due to a growing demand for better support for SMEs which means there are plenty of options available for your business. 

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