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How to Increase Your Business Growth After the Summer

With the end of the summer holiday period looming, businesses must shift their focus towards the upcoming autumn and winter months. This transition period is an ideal time for businesses to refocus their goals and strategies to ensure sustainable business growth. Taking a step back and planning your next steps can pay dividends as you will have clear goals to accomplish and a business plan which, if executed well, can drive your growth.


How Can You Refocus Your Business?

After the summer season, it is crucial to evaluate your business’s performance to identify areas that require improvement. Developing a comprehensive business growth plan with specific goals and strategies will provide a roadmap for sustainable long-term success. Many businesses see a slump in activity over the holiday season as potential clients and customers are harder to come by organically and employees take time off to enjoy holidays or look after their children.

Assessing Your Key Indicators Post-Summer

To assess your business post-summer, it is crucial to analyse your financial data, including cash flow and profitability. This will give you a clear understanding of your business’s performance as well as areas for improvement. Additionally, evaluating feedback from your services can help identify strengths and weaknesses in your products/services and provide you with an opportunity to improve your offerings.

Time Management Techniques for Increased Efficiency

To increase efficiency, utilise strategic planning tools and techniques for effective task prioritisation and time allocation. Break down larger projects into smaller, manageable tasks to enhance productivity. Streamline repetitive tasks through technology and automation tools, perhaps making use of Artificial Intelligence to help with monotonous tasks. By setting realistic deadlines for your tasks and making use of the plethora of tools available you can reduce time you spend on back office tasks and spend more time interacting with your customers or clients and increasing your revenue.

Delegating Tasks Effectively

Delegating tasks effectively is crucial for business growth. To do this, identify tasks that can be assigned to employees or subcontractors with the necessary skills and expertise. By delegating tasks you can ensure people are cross trained to avoid any disruption during future holidays and unforeseen circumstances which will lead to a more skilled workforce and therefore greater year round productivity.

Strategies for Improving Your Sales

Looking to improve your sales and marketing channels is a vital job that can sometimes be overlooked in small businesses and taking some time to refocus your efforts will help you stay on track and continue growing. The period after the summer holidays is a great time to think about how to gain new clients.

Utilising social media channels is one way of spreading awareness of your brand and acquiring new business.

Offering incentives or referral programs are other ways to improve growth and find new clients. By tapping into your existing clients’ networks for additional leads you can find people in similar situations that might benefit from your services.

Harnessing Social Media Growing Your Business

Harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is one of the best ways to acquire new customers. By showcasing your products or services on these platforms, you can reach a larger audience and increase awareness of your brand. Try to engage with your followers by responding promptly to inquiries or comments, as this will help build a strong online presence.

Creating valuable content that educates and entertains your target audience will also attract new followers and potential customers. By posting about recent news or upcoming events that may have an impact on them you can attract the business of customers looking for your product to help them adapt, or sell them a product that they may have a use for in the short term. An example would be a chimney sweep operating as a sole trader posting about the importance of sweeping your chimneys before the winter months when they will already be booked up.


Networking is another great way to improve your brand’s awareness as well as expanding your network of potential leads. Attending industry conferences, trade shows, and networking events provides a platform to meet potential clients as well as other industry professionals. Building relationships with complementary businesses or professionals can lead to valuable client referrals as well as opening up opportunities for you to partner up with them and share expertise.

Focusing on Existing Client Satisfaction

Growing your client base is important, but retaining your existing ones is vital for the running of your business as it will ensure you get reoccurring custom. Engaging with clients promptly and responding to questions will help you ensure they are satisfied, and can lead to favorable reviews on Google which will in turn increase your brand awareness. By prioritising excellent service, you can create a loyal client base and drive business growth.

Role of an Accountant in Streamlining Your Business

An accountant can play a crucial role in streamlining your business by assisting in effective cash flow management; completing filings and paperwork; managing payroll and advising you on structuring your business tax efficiently. Accountants such as Sherwin Currid also use cloud accounting software such as FreeAgent can simplify your obligations and free up more of your time to focus on developing your business.

You may also benefit from the financial planning advice provided by an accountant as well as the expertise in tax law to ensure you minimise your tax bill while remaining compliant.

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How to Ensure Sustainable Business Growth?

When looking at your business and planning for the future you should focus on the sustainability of your projects, this will help you in the future when you come to revisit your business planning. Identifying new customer segments and entering untapped markets will allow you to reliably expand. By implementing a business plan you can set short, medium and long term targets that will keep you on track to continuously improve.

Balancing Short-Term Goals with Long-Term Vision

Setting short-term goals that align with long-term objectives helps keep the business on track. It’s important to develop a strategic planning process that accounts for the different stages of growth. Planning and setting targets for the next 5, 10, 20 years can help you focus on a desired end result and from there you can break down your targets into shorter term goals that can be achieved in a timescale of a few months or even weeks.

Regularly reviewing these goals and checking your progress against them can provide motivation and accountability to keep your business growing and improving.

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