As an employee, you’re taxed at source through PAYE. If you’re self-employed, or you receive income from other sources, you’ll need to file and annual Self-Assessment tax return. The system is fairly straightforward, but there are crucial deadlines you need to meet. There are also special rules and obligations for non-residents and non-UK citizens living here. HMRC has stiffened the fines for late or incorrect tax returns and payments: you’ll also be charged interest on any tax that’s overdue, so it’s vital to be on time.

No one likes to pay more tax than they have to, so we can offer a range of advice to help you minimise your liabilities efficiently, and legally. We have particular expertise in advising high net worth individuals, and those whose tax affairs span countries and jurisdictions.

We offer free consultations to sole traders and individuals, where you can find out more about

  • your reporting obligations to HMRC, and the crucial deadlines you need to meet
  • structuring your business and personal finances to be tax-efficient
  • budgeting for your half-yearly Payments on Account
  • our knowledge and expertise in all areas of personal tax