As an employee, you almost certainly pay your income tax through PAYE. Set up a sole trader, though, and you’ll be responsible for your own tax affairs, which can be daunting if you’ve been used to your employer looking after them for you.

Under HMRC’s Self-Assessment system, you’ll need to submit an annual tax return if you’re self-employed, and if you receive any other income that isn’t taxed at source (such as rent from commercial or residential property). This can get complicated if you’re not resident in the UK, have residency in more than one country, or if you have multiple sources of income.

We can offer practical help and advice on all aspects of personal tax, ensuring you comply with HMRC’s rules, and make all your returns and payments on time. We have particular expertise in tax for non-UK residents, and cross-border tax arrangements for expat individuals and businesses. For details of our personal tax services, please follow the links below.

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