Avoid NHS waiting lists and make a speedy recovery with Private Medical Insurance.

As a Contractor you are reliant on being able to work for your income so an unexpected illness can really set you back. With private medical insurance you can avoid the hassle of waiting for the NHS, with high quality treatment when you need it you can get back on site as quickly as possible.

Special terms for Sherwin Currid clients

Freelancer Financials have negotiated special terms for our clients and their families on private medical insurance with WPA, a recognised health insurer that has won numerous awards in the field.

With this experienced provider you can gain immediate cover as soon as you join and benefit from a 10% discount on premiums for the life of the policy.

With WPA you have the freedom to choose your hospital and your premiums are guaranteed not to increase if you make a claim.

To receive a personalised illustration or to find out how you can add extra benefits including unlimited out-patient treatment and alternative therapy plans, email sherwincurrid@freelancerfinancials.uk.com. or call 0208 421 7999