Posted on May 29, 2015

A recent YouGov survey reported that only 23% of people in the UK have life cover. Financial squeezes on households mean many cut back on what they see as non-essential spending but what can be more important than protecting your family? Paying for insurance doesn’t mean making sacrifices to your lifestyle and it can help protect you against the unexpected. If you become sick, how would you pay for your mortgage, rent or medical treatment? The Advisers at Contractor Financials can help you by weeding out the technical jargon and finding you a safeguard to fit your contractor needs, so you can rest assured that you and your family will be protected against anything life can throw at you.


Receive world-class care through Friends Life

Contractor Financials are delighted to announce our launch of Friends Life Protection Plus which has been designed with your contractor needs in mind. The policy covers a large list of illnesses and gives you access to leading specialists from around the world to provide you with advice and the best possible treatment. Not only does it cover you but also your loved ones, so you can have peace of mind that all your vital health care needs will be met if you ever need to call on your protection policy.

Choose from:

  • Life Cover – Pays out a lump sum to provide financial support to dependents if the worst should happen. Friends Life offer a tailor made Life Cover package for you, designed to help your family pay off the mortgage should anything happen to you. It provides mortgage free cover that protects you whilst you wait for your policy to kick in and is guaranteed to pay out if you die or suffer a terminal illness.
  • Critical Illness Cover – includes a comprehensive list of ailments and operations, all of which are at the top of peoples concerns including cancer, strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. Friends Life offer you extensive cover including almost all Cancer’s which account for 62% of critical illness insurance claims, whereas most insurers will only cover a limited list of Cancer types. This policy is broader than many others on the market and it’s adaptable to your needs.
  • Combined Life and Critical Illness – benefit from fully comprehensive cover if you take out life and critical illness together. This will often work out cheaper than purchasing two separate policies so if you are planning to take out critical illness insurance in the future, you may be surprised by how much you could save if you take a combined policy.

Included as standard for you and your family:

  • Best Doctors – the ability to access 53,000 medical experts from around the world, providing you with a second opinion. You will receive a detailed medical report so you can make an informed decision about diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • BUPA Healthline – You can contact qualified nurses over the phone 24 hours a day with all your medical and lifestyle enquiries; including dietary, illness, injury, surgical questions or if you need help to quit smoking.
  • Children’s Cover – Protection for 5 child specific conditions and also 47 other illnesses when you take out a critical illness policy.
  • Partial payments – This is an additional payment to the main sum assured guaranteed if you are diagnosed with a critical illness in its early stages. This covers 9 conditions and 20 less advanced cancers.
  • Advanced payments – If you are suffering from one of the life threatening conditions on the policy list and require urgent surgery but don’t have the money to speed up the process, you won’t need to wait, help is at hand, upfront payment will be made on your behalf as part of the policy cover.

Additional options:

  • Global Treatment –Friends Life can exclusively bring you the ability to seek leading overseas medical treatment for both you and your dependents without the financial worry through ‘Best Doctors’. They will arrange everything from hospital admission to covering travel and accommodation for both you and your partner. For an affordable £4 extra a month, you and your family can be treated in a world renowned hospital and be given the best possible treatment and care in the world.  You will also receive up to £50,000 treatment costs when you return home, if your medication isn’t covered or only partly covered by the NHS. Each person included in the policy has unlimited use of up to £1 million per person per year and up to £2 million in their lifetime.
  • Fracture Cover- you can receive a lump sum of up to £2,100 if you are diagnosed with one of the 18 detailed fractures covered in the policy.

Contractor Financials have searched the protection market to bring you the best possible cover for your contractor needs. Friend Life Protection Plus offers all-inclusive cover for all eventualities so you can be safe in the knowledge that you have done everything to protect your family should anything happen.

To find out more about this outstanding protection policy call ContractorFinancials on 0333 370 8888 or email