Posted on May 20, 2014

At Guildford accountant Sherwin Currid, we have had an increase in freelancers on our books. Certainly, the recent rise in UK employment figures has been largely down to more people working for themselves, yet this trend started long before the downturn. In fact, the rise in self employment began with the new millennium. A recent survey also noted that many self-employed people much prefer being their own boss, with three quarters saying that they are not looking for fixed employment.

The study shows that while one in three self-employed people were jobless at the end of the recession, most people working for themselves are happy with their situation. This counters the assertion of some political commentators who suggest that people are making do while looking for work. These findings echo the sentiment that there is a rise in the number of business people who are building the successful companies of tomorrow, and at Guildford accountant Sherwin Currid, we’re counting that success in pounds and pence.

It is possible that this is a long term structural aspect of the labour market. Indeed, while the internet has made self-employment easier, there is a decline in the usefulness of the traditional business model, and analysts note that managers are not needed as much as they used to be. Some businesses already use the model where teams self-organise, and resources are brought together or split up for particular projects. Such teams can respond to changing markets with greater agility. With more direction from workers on the ‘shop floor’, there is a better handle of what the organisation needs to do to progress.

Freelancers are used to building good relationships with their clients, amid suggestions from some observers that the new way of working will inevitably be more customer-focused. In fact, a world with more self-employed people will have less focus on appeasing investors and more emphasis on doing a good job for a customer. Predictable work becomes less important in such a society, which dynamically reorganises itself on an ongoing basis.

If you need someone to manage your finances while you attend to the new realities of doing business today, your local Guildford accountant Sherwin Currid is more than happy to help.