Posted on June 13, 2017

Any Freelancer or Contractor needs to be aware of trends and changes in the business world to remain in demand. What trends are significant in the marketplace for 2017?

The business world is always developing and companies will alway need to keep on top of their business platforms to remain competitive, skills in this area are in demand and are likely to remain so.

Business models are always changing, whether driven by technology or outsourcing/offshoring there will always be a strong demand for professionals who can manage change in any organisation.

Automation of processes is predicted to be a key trend in business in the next few years, consultants who can perform strong business analysis, combined with good IT skills, should expect ot be in high demand.

Following the national business press, you can not help but notice the amount of advertments concerning big data, with some companies ‘betting their ranch’ on this sector. Big Data should create significant insights for businesses which should result in increased sales, and better management of costs which will feed down into the bottom line.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) experts are very likely to be in high demand. You only have to look at your own experience of dealing with organisations to see there are so many areas an organisation could improve and CRM systemss are often a vital cog in improving an organsiations customer service.

Cybersecurity, with the recent problems with cybersecurity within the NHS, and other high profile examples, plus the difficulties recruiters find in filling cybersecurity roles, cybersecurity will remain in high demand.

Mobile designers, most of us now use our smartphne for tasks we used to only do on our computers, this trend is likely to continue and developers who work in this area will continue to be in high demand.

With the rapidly changing business environment, a good business professional can expect new challenging opportunities to be plentyful.