Posted on February 4, 2013

It was Henry Ford who said that “you can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”, which is advice that the clients of Sherwin Currid’s ( small business accountants in Surrey really should heed. That’s because even with the best-sorted business plan, fundraising and accountancy arrangements in place, a freelance or small business will still suffer if it does not work continually to please clients.


Repeat business is so important for any company that may make use of one of our Guildford accountants, so you would be well advised to put the needs of the client first. All of the signs need to be that you will complete assignments time and time again, and to the desired high standard. These may seem like obvious points, but some freelancers and small businesses fail to even take full responsibility of the job that they’ve been briefed to do, including letting the client know of any issues that may arise and chasing them if they cannot progress without updates.


Any successful client of a tax accountant in Surrey will take seriously their role as a problem solver – after all, you are not being paid by the client simply to add to their list of problems. As such, you will need to communicate proactively if you are to truly win the client’s trust, making yourself constantly available so that they are not the ones chasing you. If you are not due back in the office until 3pm on a certain day, set up an email ‘auto-reply’ so that the client is aware, for instance. Take full and accurate briefs, and involve the client at every stage of the creative process so that they feel in control of the assignment.


You should also endeavour to complete projects quickly, but thoroughly. This can be achieved in part by taking real care over such ‘minor’ elements as the spelling in your emails and other business communications, with any errors here all too often suggesting a lack of care for the client. The most successful businesses that make use of our tax accountants in Surrey are realistic in the quality and quantity of work that they can complete in a given timeframe, but are also flexible enough to, for example, work during the evening to meet a deadline or make a last minute change to the specification of requested work.


If you wish to better attract and retain clients, there is ultimately no substitute to showing real care for your clients, making sure to treat them as individuals with what may be highly specialised requirements. Adequately catering for the basics in this way makes the task of one of  Sherwin Currid’s small business accountants in Woking ( so much easier.